Github Integration

Github Integration

Jun 19, 2023

This release helps teams get better visibility into engineering updates with our new GitHub integration.

We understand introducing new tools and processes in a team can be challenging, but we also know so many roles in a product team want to see what their colleagues are working on. In most teams, people outside of the engineering org aren't on GitHub and don't know when pull requests are merged or what updates were included in them.

With our new GitHub integration we made it as effortless as possible for Engineers to share their updates with the broader team. There are two main ways to do so: you can set up rules to have your PRs automatically posted to current when they're merged to the main branch, or post pull requests manually by copy/pasting the link to the PR. Current will use the images, videos, gifs, and links from the pull-request for the post, and generate the description with AI.

Other Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the add reaction popover wouldn't open on touch devices

  • Improved thumbnail generation for transparent PNGs by adding a while background instead of black

  • Fixed an issue where Slack channels in the Slack channel picker wouldn't refresh after inviting the Slackbot to them

  • Added a "links" section below the post description to surface Linear, Figma, Github links.

  • Fixed link styling in a few places where an underline was missing

  • Made Slack messages about new posts more compact

  • Improved error messaging for Notion attachments

  • Fixed several issues in our Figma plugin when using branched files