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We've added multiple workspaces, team invites, and magic link sign-in (now you don't need a Google Workspace account to sign up).

Setting up your workspace during sign up

When you sign up, you'll now be prompted to create a workspace. You can create as many as you want for different teams or groups of people you want to share work in progress with.

Allowed email domains

Make it easy for for your teammates to join by setting allowed email domains or sending them an invite link.

Oct 28, 2022

When viewing posts, we've introduced a new layout which is better suited to viewing posts with multiple attachments.

Oct 17, 2022

We now automatically show posts that were created using the same Figma file, or tags.

You can now add a template for you and your team to follow when sharing work-in-progress.

Adding collaborators

Paired up on something with a teammate? Add them as a collaborator and the post will be shared across both your profiles.


Now you can spread the love directly on Current. Need to give more nuanced feedback, pop open the Slack thread.

Edit posts

Make a typo? Need to add more tags to your post? A few of you asked for this one.

Personalize Slack reminders

You can now personalize the Slack reminders that get sent to your team with a custom message.

Improved "replace" behaviour

We got some feedback that our 'replace' behavior was jarring, this should feel better.

Teams can now schedule when weekly digest emails get sent. This, combined with scheduling Slack reminders, helps you facilitate your design team’s process around sharing weekly updates.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Figma embeds sometimes take too long to load, so now you get an image by default, and can swap over to the Figma embed to zoom in to all the details if you want.

  • You can now switch posts using your arrow keys

  • entering a post page is much quicker

Figma plugin

You can now post WIP to current without leaving your flow.

Weekly Slack reminders

Admins can now facilitate internal team sharing rituals by posting weekly reminder messages in one or more Slack channels.

Broadcasting to multiple Slack channels

When creating a post you can now select more than just one channel to cross-post your updates to.

Weekly digest emails

We now send a beautiful summary of your team’s WIP at the end of the week. Great for leadership and execs.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved Slack unfurls to now link directly to tags, and profile, or the attachment

  • Several security improvements

  • Fixed a bug where replacing the attachment in a post would delete everything you wrote

Aug 18, 2022

This release introduces support for SAML SSO.

  • Control your team's access to current via Okta or OneLogin, or any other SSO providers

  • Enforce that users in your workspace must sign in with SSO

With Current, you get a beautiful grid (or Timeline view) of all your team’s work. You can see new stuff posted over the past week (and beyond), dive into posts, explore tags (for projects, teams, etc), and see what your teammates are sharing.

Upload work as Figma links, Looms, images, GIFs and videos

At the moment, we support Figmas, Looms, images, GIFs, and videos. Easily share to the right Slack channel(s) where the conversation’s happening. Your teammates can access the Figma or Loom directly and open up the thread in Slack.

Coming soon

We’re working on a bunch of features that’ll be available shortly including rich digest emails, Okta and OneLogin support, a snappy Figma plugin (so you never need to leave Figma), and more.

Join the waitlist and we’ll do our best to onboard your team quickly: While we’re in beta, Current is completely free; we just ask for your unfiltered feedback!