Screen Recorder for Windows

Screen Recorder for Windows

Feb 6, 2024

This release includes our Screen Recorder for Windows

Current's new Screen Recording App for Windows lets you quickly record your screen and camera, making it easier than ever to create walkthroughs of your work, share knowledge, or deliver feedback. When you finish your screen recording, the title and description of your post automatically get generated using AI—saving you valuable time and energy.

Download it here: https://current.so/download

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixes issues with microphones staying connected, preventing notifications from showing up on Mac

  • Improve subtitles in Safari

  • fix position of commenting toolbar

  • prevent posts from being duplicated in drops

  • preserve video playback speed when switching videos

  • Add "Last quarter", "Last half", and "Last year" to date range selector

  • Add ability to type emojis using :

  • Add performance improvements to posting videos from the screen recorder

  • Fix issues with connecting Slack channels