Videos, Images, and Gifs in Comments

Videos, Images, and Gifs in Comments

Aug 15, 2023

This release introduces the ability to add videos, images, and gifs to your comments.

Being able to collaborate effectively in Current is key. As a result, many of you have asked for the ability to attach files when commenting. Use cases include proposing alternative ideas, showing a similar screen or flow you've come across, or just reacting with a gif. As of today this is all possible! You can add files by clicking the image icon, copy / pasting, or drag & dropping files onto the comment input.

Other Updates and Improvements

  • Fixed loading state flickering when launching the app

  • Adds ability to share stream and profile pages in the column view (this is particularly useful when sharing public links externally, as you might want the receiver to land in a column view instead of the grid. Shoutout @ethanbodnar for the suggestion!)

  • Adds ability to reorder attachments when creating a post

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally the thumbnails in the feed would be too tall

  • Re-enabled our Google Drive integration (we had to disable it temporarily while our app was in review)

  • Automatically sets Figma scaling to scale-down-width for prototype urls. This helps ensure the prototypes render better within Current.