How to use the Current Figma plugin

Our Figma plugin makes it easier for your team to share work in progress designs directly from Figma to Current.

How to install the Current Figma plugin

From the Figma Community Platform

  1. Open the Current Figma plugin.

  2. Click on Try it out button to install the plugin.

    Highlighting the "Try it out" button from the Current Figma Plugin page on the Figma Community platform

From the Resources Tab in Figma

  1. Navigate to the Resources tab in Figma.

    Highlighting the resources button in the top navigation on Figma

  2. Click on Plugins.

    Highlighting the plugin button in the resources dropdown on Figma

  3. Search for Current.

    Highlighting the search input with results for Current in the resources dropdown in Figma

  4. Click on Run to install the plugin.

    Highlighting the Current plugin in the search results in the Resources dropdown in Figma

How to post to Current from Figma

  1. Open the Current Figma plugin.

    Highlighting the Current Plugin empty state modal

  2. Select the frame/s you would like to upload to Current and edit your title and optionally add a description, hashtags or Slack channel.

    Highlighting the Current Plugin modal with a frame selected which you can share to Current

  3. Click Post to post to Current.

    Highlighting the "Post" button on the Current Plugin modal

Note that selecting a Frame and posting it to Current via the Figma plugin will only post it as a JPEG or PNG and will not reference the Figma File or exact Frame. You can add your Figma File URL by pasting it into the “Link to Frame” input field.

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