Notion Integration

Notion Integration

Our Notion integration allows you to share your Notion documents directly in Current.

How it works

  1. Copy the link to a Notion document and paste it into Current.

  2. From the Post dialog, you'll be prompted to connect your account (You can also do this via Settings / My Integrations)

  3. In the Connect Notion dialog, select all pages or parent pages you'd like to be able to paste in Current. If you've added new pages since connecting, you can always disconnect Notion and reconnect it to select the new pages.

  4. After connected, you'll be able to post the document


Other people in your workspace will need to connect their account in order to see the document you've shared to Current. During the connection flow, Notion requires you select which pages Current will have access to. To make a smooth experience, we recommend you select the top-most pages and teamspaces when connecting your account.

Known Issues

As Notion does not support an official embed, we've had to mostly create our own. This means there are a few differences in how your document may appear in Current compared to Notion.

  • Some images and videos will display differently than they do in Notion.

  • Captions under images don't show up at the moment.

  • Embeds in Notion documents show up as links in Current.

  • @mentions don't link.

  • Toggle-able lists won't work.

  • Databases don't currently work.

Still need help? Send an email to support@current.so.