Public Links

Public Links

Public links allow you to make any Post, Stream, or Drop publicly available to people outside of your workspace.

How to make a public link

From a Post, Stream, or Drop page:

  • Click the Share button

  • Click the Public Link toggle

  • Copy the link to share it with others, notice this link is different from the one you access when you're signed in.

How others see your public links

The experience for people viewing your public links is similar to how it is when you're a member of the workspace. For that reason, we only recommend sharing public links with people you trust, or if they don't contain confidential information.

Streams and Drops

When a Stream or Drop is accessed via a public link, users will be able to open any of the posts inside, but only when opening from the Stream or Drop. The posts themselves do not have their own public links enabled.


The experience other people have when viewing posts depends on if they are signed in to a Current account or not.

Signed In

  • Can view comments

  • Can add comments

  • Can add reactions

Not Signed In

  • Can partially view comments

  • Can not add comments

  • Can not add reactions

Public Links for The Weekly Drop

In the settings for The Weekly Drop, you can turn on a public link. This will be used when automatically sharing to Slack.

Additionally you can share the Weekly Drop with extra emails that may not be part of your workspace. This is useful for people in your company that may not have a Current account, or external people you might want to loop in.

Still need help? Send an email to support@current.so.