Slack Integration

Slack Integration

The Slack integration notifications keep colleagues in the loop on project and feed status, but also reminds them to share their work regularly on Current in form of weekly reminders.

How it works

The app offers notifications for Slack and post sharing through Slack messages.

  • Connect your Slack account, share your Current posts in slack channels and gain more visibility on your work. Follow steps here.

  • Enable weekly reminder notifications so that each colleague gets reminded to post new content to Current. Follow steps here.

  • Broadcast when new Weekly Drops are ready

  • Allow you to cross post to one or more slack channels

  • Send you notifications on your posts in Current


For Admins and Owner roles

Go to settings to connect your organization's Slack workspace to Current. It takes about a minute and must be done by a Slack (and Current) admin. This step enables posting weekly reminder notifications from Current to Slack, and expandable links for every member of the workspace.

For Member roles

Go to settings to connect your organization's Slack account to Current. This step enables sharing new posts from Current to Slack with link preview and post summary.

How we connect to Slack

We retrieve and store user/bot access and refresh tokens from Slack using Slack’s OAuth flow, which enable us to communicate with Slack API. Once the access tokens expire, they are refreshed using refresh tokens. All tokens can be removed from our system by disconnecting Slack integration.

Token scopes

Bot Scopes

Scopes that govern what your app can access.

User Token Scopes

Scopes that access user data and act on behalf of users that authorize them.

Still need help? Send an email to support@current.so.