Supported Links, Files, and Sizes

Supported Links, Files, and Sizes

Current supports a variety of links and files in your posts. Below is a detailed overview of each. If there is a link or file type we don't currently support, please reach out to us at support@current.so.

Supported Links

First-class support
The following links have first-class support in Current, meaning we require you to connect your account, and can usually automatically generate a thumbnail for you.

  • Figma (file and prototype links)

  • Loom

  • Mural

  • Miro

  • Github (pull request links)

  • Google Docs / Sheets / Slides / etc. You can also paste links to videos, images, pdfs, and gifs in your Google Drive account.

Basic Support

  • Rive

  • Spline

  • Code Sandbox

  • Codepen

  • Protopie

Generic Support
For the most part all urls will unfurl and show a generic preview with a favicon. In some cases where a link might be do a private document that we don't support, an error message will be displayed.

Supported File Types

Current supports several file types:

  • .jpg

  • .jpeg

  • .png

  • .gif

  • .webp

  • .mp4

  • .mov

  • .svg

Supported File Sizes

The maximum size for each file is 500MB.

There are also constraints on the dimensions of the file. The area (width ✕ height) of the file has to be less than 441,000,000. For example, the maximum square image size supported is 21,000 ✕ 21,000 PX.

In the Figma plugin, the maximum area is less (49.000.000). The reason for this is we scale up the images by 3x when exporting. For example, the maximum square frame in Figma you can select is 7,000 ✕ 7,000 PX.


"Attachments" refer to any image, video, or link added to a post. Posts can include a max of 10 attachments.

Still need help? Send an email to support@current.so.