What are “Streams” and how to use them

What are “Streams” and how to use them

Streams help you organize your posts into categories, clients, project names, or team/squad names. Once a stream has been created members in your workspace will be able to add posts to it, follow the stream and get notified when new posts are added.

How to create a stream

  1. Navigate to Streams.

    Highlighting the streams tab from the Current homepage

  2. Select Create.

    Highlighting the create button on the streams page

  3. Title your new Stream.

    Highlighting the modal to title your new stream.

  4. If you would like to make your Stream private, toggle on Make private. Private Streams will not be accessible to members, unless they are added to the stream

    Highlighting the option to make your new stream private

  5. Click Create button.

    Highlighting the create button to create your new stream

Public and Private Streams

Public Stream

Anyone in your workspace can access public Streams. You can’t make a public stream private.

Private Stream

Private Streams are only accessible by members who are invited to the Stream, and can be turned public.

How to turn a Private Stream into a Public Stream

  1. From your Stream page select the three dot button in the top right.

    Highlighting the three dot menu from your private stream

  2. Select Make public from the menu.

    Highlighting the three dot menu dropdown on your private stream

  3. Select Make public to make your stream public to all members.

    Highlighting the modal which asks if you would like to "Make stream public" with a button to "Make public"

Follow a Stream

Team members can follow Streams by simply clicking on the Follow button for the stream. Learn step by step on how to follow a Stream. Once a stream has been followed, Current will notify the followers when new posts have been add to the Stream.

To view your followed streams, you can toggle to “Following” from the home tab to easily see all streams you are following.

Add Description and Bookmarks to your Stream

Add a description and bookmarks to your streams to include more information on the streams contents for members. You can include any URLs as bookmarks to make it easier to link out to important documents.

Still need help? Send an email to support@current.so.