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This release introduces several new ways to help you collaborate in Current. On posts you can now:

  • @ mentions people on your team

  • add reactions to the entire post

  • reply to comments

  • add reactions to comments

This release introduces a quicker way to jump to people or Streams.

  • Trigger the quick search by pressing “cmd+k” (“ctrl+k” on window), or “/”

  • Quickly jump to people's profiles, or streams

  • Get to "advanced" search, but selecting "Search for X" in the menu

Before jumping in to our next set of big features, we decided to start the year out with a month of quality-of-life improvements. Here are a few highlights:

Save Drafts for posts

We now save drafts of your comments, navigate away, refresh, come back and your draft is there

Preserve position in feed

You position in the feed now gets preserved when going in and out of posts. Before, when you exited the post, you'd be taken to the top of the feed. Annnnoying…

Multiple images and videos in feed card

We now show multiple images / videos in the feed cards. Also worth noting:

  • Opening up posts is wayyy faster

  • You can use your arrow keys to navigate

Support for any type of link

We added support for any type of link. A lot of you are sharing work from Spline, Rive, Protopie etc. We'll build first class integrations soon, but here's a good first step!

New post summary to emails

We gave our emails some love, and added a new “Post summary” email that you get after a few days.

Mobile improvements

Last but certainly not least, we’ve been continuously improving Current on mobile and pushing it to the point where it feels like a native app. Save that sucker to your home screen and see what your team is up to while you’re on the go...or on the couch!

MOV File support

You can now upload mov files when creating posts.

Today we’re launching Streams

  • Make work streams for teams, projects, quarterly initiatives, etc.

  • Follow streams to reduce noise and curate your feed

  • Add descriptions and important links to streams to provide context

  • Make private streams for secret projects

Nov 22, 2022

We just released commenting on posts so you can consolidate feedback in one place

  • Comments appear in real-time

  • New formatting bar to help you compose messages

  • You get notified when ever new comments are added

  • You can control notifications within Settings

Today Current is officially SOC-2 compliant

  • It’ll be much easier to get internal approval to use Current at your work

  • We have SOC-2 and Penetration Test reports to share with your Vendor Sec team

  • We’re committed to data privacy and security

Read the full blog here.