How to set up SAML SSO using Okta in Current

How to set up SAML SSO using Okta in Current

Current’s Okta Application lets you set up SAML Single Sign On for Current in a few simple steps. This guide will walk you through installing the Okta app and going over its features.

Note: If you're looking to use a different Identity Provider, please see: how-to-enable-saml-sso

Installing the Okta app

From your Okta Admin account, you can install the Current Okta application by going to: Admin -> Applications -> Applications -> Browse App Catalog and searching for "Current". Or you can find it directly here: https://www.okta.com/integrations/current/

Supported features

The Current Okta App supports the following authentication and provisioning features:

  • IdP-initiated SSO

  • SP-initiated SSO

  • Just-In-Time provisioning

Configuration steps

What you should know before enabling SAML SSO

  • Enabling SAML SSO will allow all users in your workspace to sign in with your SAML SSO Identity Provider and their regular sign-in method. If you wish to enforce that only the SAML SSO sign in method is used, you can enforce this in Settings.

  • If the Enforce SAML SSO setting in enabled, admins and owners within the workspace will still be able to sign in via their regular sign-in method from the general login page: https://app.current.so/login

Enabling SAML SSO within Current

  1. Go to the Current Application in Okta

  2. Click on the Sign On tab

  3. Copy the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

  4. Copy the IDP Metadata, paste it into a new word document, and save as a .xmlNote: ensure there is no extra formatting applied.

  5. Open Current, and go to Settings / Security

  6. Paste the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

  7. Upload the IDP MetadataXML

  8. Choose whether or not you wish to enforce SAML SSO


The following SAML attributes are supported

email user.email
lastName user.lastName

SP-initiated SSO

You can sign in with SAML SSO from Current by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to https://app.current.so/login or https://app.current.so/login/[your_team_url]

  2. Click on You can also continue with SAML SSO

  3. Enter you the email you use for your Okta account

  4. If your credentials are valid, you'll be redirected to Okta to finish signing in, then brought back to Current.

Still need help? Send an email to support@current.so.