Figma Integration

Figma Integration

This integration embeds Figma artboards and files into Current posts, making it easy to find and view relevant design files whenever you need them. Never search through Figma, Slack, or emails to find design files again.

How it works

Embedding Figma files into Current posts is simple - just paste a Figma link into Current’s link post input. The app will turn the link into an embed that shows the Figma file name along with an image snapshot of what the file looked like at the moment that you embedded it. When viewing an embed, click on the image icon to preview the file in Current or on the Figma icon to open it in Figma.


Users can go to settings to connect their organization's Figma account to Current. Once enabled, the integration will work for every post in your workspace.

How we connect to Figma

We retrieve and store user access and refresh tokens from Figma using Figma’s OAuth flow, which enable us to communicate with Figma API. Once the access tokens expire, they are refreshed using refresh tokens. All tokens can be removed from our system by disconnecting Figma integration.

Token scopes

  • Read files you have access to

  • Read and modify comments for files you have access to

  • Read projects you have access to

  • Read components and styles you have access to

  • Read your name, email, and profile image

Figma Plugin

Use the Current Figma Plugin to share work straight from Figma to Current. Work will be shared as JPEG or PNG, and can have a maximum size of 7000px by 7000px. Learn more about the Current Figma Plugin here.

Still need help? Send an email to support@current.so.